Five reasons you should consider bridal portraits

1. A bridal session gives you the perfect “dress rehearsal” for your big day! You get to actually wear your gown, not just try it on in a dressing room. While wearing it for a bit, you may realize your foundation garments aren't just right, or that your shoes will definitely not make it for the full day. It is also a great test run for your hair and make up. You may have dreamed of an sweeping updo, but when you actually see your hair together with the dress, you might just change your mind. Seeing everything come together BEFORE the wedding day can be a huge help, and it will give you such peace of mind to know that everything will be just right!

2. A bridal session can give help you make last minute decisions. Not sure which earrings you want to wear? Necklace or no necklace? Bring it all and we can decide! Take photos with all the options then decide what you like based on the photos. This is also helpful with florals. I suggest having your florist do a silk version of the bouquet style/size you have ordered for your wedding day. This will allow you to make sure the sizing is proportionate for you. We can use the silk version for photos, then it can be used as your “toss” bouquet at your reception!

3. We will have more TIME during a bridal session than we will on your wedding day. Of course I'll be able to get some individual photos of you on your wedding day, but due to time constraints, it's almost impossible to replicate an actual bridal session on your wedding day. A bridal session also allows for some different location options. The sky is the limit... beaches, outdoor fields, plantation homes, manicured gardens... we can make it happen with some time and planning!

4. With a bridal session done in advance, you'll be able to have a portrait on display at your reception. This is especially fun if we were able to do the session at a separate unique location from your wedding venue!

5. It's just fun! Who doesn't love to get dressed up, bring their whole bride squad, and be queen for a day! Getting pampered ahead of time is so much fun- It's a can't miss opportunity for some last minute bonding with your mom and MOH!